This is how we manage behavior in my kindergarten, first and second gradeat the academy.

The first picture is my group behavior chart, i got the idea from  sparklebox.  So far my students have been good enough to be able to stay out of red light ;). This chart contains the classroom rules too, also from sparklebox.

As for individual behavior and work habit control I use these behavior charts (they are in spanish) that I complete following the traffic lights codes and I hand to the parents after every didactic unit along with the information of all the things we have been doing throughout the unit and all the new words and structures we have learnt in English.

Here you can see my pointers, they are of great use because I don't have to repeat over and over again that they need to speak quietly or raise their hands, pay attention or line up quietly. This amazing tools do it for me. And so far they have been working like magic: inmediate response.


Chebet Siongok said...

I think that's great! Wonder if I could use it with kids a bit older, 6 year-olds, hmmm

kar said...

shore chebet, i have been using with kids from 3 to 7 and it works perfectly with them. :)

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