After ten great days of spring holidays we came back full of energy to start our work with seeds, plants and flowers...

We introduced the topic through "the tiny seed" story.

After reading the story we completed a simple story map:

We also sort the things that are good or bad for the tiny seed. First, on the board and then on paper at table time:
 (this is an adaptation of an activity i founf on the net)
HOW PLANTS GROW DRAMATIZATION: in small groups we represented how plants grow following this sequence:
1. The tiny seeds are sleeping underground,
2. Look it is raining now (Kids at the table pretend to be the rain).
3. The tiny seeds wake up and start to grow into plants.
4. Look it is sunny now(kids at the table pretend to be the sun shining).
5. The plants keep growing and we can see their leaves.
6. Look now it is raining and sunny( one table is the rain the other the sun).
7. Our plants are now big and beautiful.

To analyze more carefully how we can plant flowers and
other plants we use this poster where we sequence the

(I don't remember where I got the sequencing cards from)

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