rhyming in three years old

As we are working on phonemic awareness we started doing some rhyming:

We gave kids word necklaces and they tried to find their match


As part of our second term work we have decided to start working with kids names and so far, they have been working amazingly well.

1st. We started working with the first letter in the helper's name: The rest of the class has to say if they also have that sound. We also count the helper's name letters and clap its syllables.

2nd. Kids try to find their own names among all the class names:

3rd. Kids find other kids names and match them with their pictures.

4th. kids wirte their names and other kids' names in magnetic boards


Right after coming back to class and tell everything about our christmas holidays it started to snow in Zizur Mayor so we made these two adorable pieces of art.
i found the houses idea in Pinterest, such great ideas there...

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