This past two weeks we had the Halloween party at school and we worked on the Room on the Broom story which is one of my favorites:

I told them the magnificent room on the broom story and then we sequenced it using picture cards.

We made a story map about the story:

Using the kids directions speaking english we draw a witch on the board to later on complete a labeling activity:

we love watching the Room on the Broom movie:

This year we tried sweet sounds of kinder fantastic book companion packet.

Among other things we did this adorable sequencing and designing activities:

This are some of the videos we love watching during halloween:

As Asun in Spanish used Halloween to work on bones through skeletons our party costume was clear.

Kids at home made the bodies with their parents using the template we gave them and in class we design the masks. They looked lovely and we enjoyed a lot our time with the rest of the kindergarteners trick or treating and dancing:
 the four year olds came to sing a song a get their treats.
 then we went to their class to sing our song and of course receive our treats:

 one happy skeleton helper:
 we were the first ones to arrive at the party:
 then everyone came and we enjoyed our halloween songs and dancing.

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