WHO ARE THE PEOPLE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD? learning about community helpers

During this month we have been learning lots of things about community helpers and we have also turned our home center into a doctor's office thank to the contribution of some parents and friends.

These are two really cool videos to work on community helpers:

We used community helpers cards and descriptions to practice first understanding to then ask the kids to say their own descriptions for the rest to guess.

Lots of parents came to class to talk about their jobs and it was FANTASTIC. Everybody was very excited and we discovered some jobs we knew nothing about.

Here are some examples:

3d printer engineer, architect, hair dresser, florist.....

During these weeks or main work was done at stations so here is an example of the things we have been doing:

Kids have been doing activities from this packet. A vet's puzzle, things that are good and bad for your teeth, and a doctor's bag with all the things they use to treat us.

- Mystery bag: we have 4 bags with magnetics letters inside. Kids try to build the community helpers' word to then glue a picture to check understanding:

i am so impressed with this kid's ability to hear the sounds even though this is his first year in a bilingual school.
He said "Carmen look this is wrong because i don't need the a letter"

- Community helpers super sentences:
using three dice with subject verb and object we build a sentence and then draw it to check understanding.

 Our favorite activity so far is our DOCTOR' S OFFICE: check it out and see how the kiddos have become fantastic doctors and nurses:

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