So we finally got to meet our little ones on tuesday and the are adooooorable.

The 25 kids in each class have been coming in two groups of 12 and 13 for half an hour each.
So our work was mainly keeping them calm, happy and playing.

Plasticine and cars were the hits, but the little house was also a choice

a little witch flying around

plasticine lovers with Mercedes

4 kids crying, they saw the cars and roads and stopped.
more plasticine lovers

The five year olds came to show us their big head.

taking a look at the pictures of Zizur's giants

a hungry boy

the cook 

We are out of school till tuesday because Zizur is in "fiestas" so we will relax a bit and recharge our batteries.


Our new students are coming for the first time to school on Tuesday, they are 2 and 3 years old. We are excited to meet them and the class is ready for them.

We still have things to add to it but it looks pretty neat already.

back of the classroom, with the kids racks and the tables
kids racks with their names and pictures

line up

dramatic play center and  relax

letters center 

relax area

front of the classroom: teacher area, circle time area, art materials and block center

blocks area, math center and kids cubbies.
art cubbies on the left, sink, blocks area, math center.

dramatic play: home center and fancy dresses box
here is a closer look at the home center which i love


Can't wait to see them playing, exploring and learning all over the classroom.

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