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On the last day of School before christmas holidays Santa Claus, The three wise men and  the Olentzero (A basque and navarre christmas character) came to visit us at school. 

We were so excited to see them all and thank them in advanced for our presents..... Here you can see us with them. 


 And after all this joy i came back to my hometown to spend christmas with all my family.

I hope you all have an amazing christmas time with your loved ones 





This week we have been very busy with the Christmas Festival but we also had time to eat gingerbread cookies and play a great reading game by Deedee Wills 

First we graph the part of the cookie we were going to eat first:(as you can imagine heads won)

We tried our cookies and then we said if we liked them or not. I am so happy that they all liked them, because I cooked them myself and i wasn't sure that they would like ginger flavor. 


In the next picture you can see one of my little ones completing the "Write the room" activity by Deedee Wills. 


One of the reasons why I like Christmas time at school is because of this book. It's simply amazing.

As everybody should do when reading the Polar Express we started by learning that the Polar Express is a train so the best way to hear the story is by sitting on a train :)

but in order to get into the train we needed our tickets, so our conductor (the day's  helper) was giving the tickets to the kids 

 Here we are with our tickets ready to go to the North Pole, some of them even asked if we were actually going. 

Here you can see us all listening to the story 

 After telling the story we were talking about it and suddenly the janitor came to our class because a parcel for our class had arrived. When we I took it, it was very cold, some of the kids pointed out that it might come from the North Pole. Can you believe that???
 We all touched it to see how cold it was and we discovered that it was from Mr. C. They all new the parcel was sent by Santa Claus. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???

                       When we opened it, it was full of bells, just like those in the story  


                                           We were so excited about our presents.....
After all the thrilled we draw what we would asked if Santa chose us. 

The next day we sequenced the story on the board and retold it.
I was so amazed and proud of the kids completing my sentences and helping me tell the story.....

 Here is their individual worksheet where they had to sequence the story and retold it orally with me... I was absolutely thrilled to see how amazingly well they completed my sentences. 


To practice our sequencing skills we made this adorable santa sequence activity from scholastics.

We have also made these coloring activities.


To learn about christmas trees we started by talking about the ornaments we may use to decorate them.  Then using one of Deanna's activities kids decorate their trees and then graph the ornaments they used. 

I am a disaster and i can't find the source of this activity but I found it last month in one of the blogs  I follow. This idea was excellent for small group work and the kids enjoyed it very much.
They had to count the ornaments on the trees and record the information. 

These days we are quite busy rehersalling our songs for the Christmas Festival and next week will be THE POLAR EXPRESS WEEK sooooooo excited. I adore that book. 


I want to show you a bit of our literacy work: 

Apart from our regular jolly phonics work  we have been also doing these activties.

In small groups we copy the words we have been working with in class and then draw what they represent: this way we prove that we can decode words in english.


I have a native speaker in class, doing lectures once a week, and now that the kids know a few sounds in english and we start our blending and reading work, I've decided to spend our class together to improve our students decoding skills. We presented these activities:

1. WITH ME: one group was playing the gingerbread man reading board game. We had to help the gingerbread man get from the oven to his house, every time we landed on a gingerbread man we had to read a word, if we read it properly we could stay in the square if not we had to go back one square. If we landed on a fox we had to start again. Kids loved the game and reading words was not too difficult to them. Let's see what happens when we start blending difficult sounds. 

2. WITH ROSEMARY: Rosemary was working with another small group with rhyming and not rhyming words (again a game from Deanna Jump) she read the words and the kids said if they rhyme or not and then record the rhyming words.

3. INDEPENDENT GROUP: The third group was playing reading and sounds games at starfall on the computer.


Christmas time is here and we are having a blast in our class. To introduce the story I brought a big world map to class. Kids found it very interesting and wanted to know where lots of things were in the map.


We located our town Zizur Mayor and then the North Pole because we wanted to see how far it was from our town, we realized that it was veeery far and some kids pointed out how strong the reindeers must be if they can fly so much.
Then kids at table time draw a line to match Navarre and the north Pole as well as draw themselves and Santa. Some of them draw Santa's sack in the middle of the ocean "It dropped" they said. 

We discussed who lives with him (Mrs Claus) Where does he work (Santa's Workshop) How the weather is in the North Pole (cold and snowy) and we also described him using our Santa Poster. ( I followed Deanna's patter to create him) kids also had to label his clothes to later on do it individually. 

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