I want to show you a bit of our literacy work: 

Apart from our regular jolly phonics work  we have been also doing these activties.

In small groups we copy the words we have been working with in class and then draw what they represent: this way we prove that we can decode words in english.


I have a native speaker in class, doing lectures once a week, and now that the kids know a few sounds in english and we start our blending and reading work, I've decided to spend our class together to improve our students decoding skills. We presented these activities:

1. WITH ME: one group was playing the gingerbread man reading board game. We had to help the gingerbread man get from the oven to his house, every time we landed on a gingerbread man we had to read a word, if we read it properly we could stay in the square if not we had to go back one square. If we landed on a fox we had to start again. Kids loved the game and reading words was not too difficult to them. Let's see what happens when we start blending difficult sounds. 

2. WITH ROSEMARY: Rosemary was working with another small group with rhyming and not rhyming words (again a game from Deanna Jump) she read the words and the kids said if they rhyme or not and then record the rhyming words.

3. INDEPENDENT GROUP: The third group was playing reading and sounds games at starfall on the computer.

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