One of the reasons why I like Christmas time at school is because of this book. It's simply amazing.

As everybody should do when reading the Polar Express we started by learning that the Polar Express is a train so the best way to hear the story is by sitting on a train :)

but in order to get into the train we needed our tickets, so our conductor (the day's  helper) was giving the tickets to the kids 

 Here we are with our tickets ready to go to the North Pole, some of them even asked if we were actually going. 

Here you can see us all listening to the story 

 After telling the story we were talking about it and suddenly the janitor came to our class because a parcel for our class had arrived. When we I took it, it was very cold, some of the kids pointed out that it might come from the North Pole. Can you believe that???
 We all touched it to see how cold it was and we discovered that it was from Mr. C. They all new the parcel was sent by Santa Claus. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???

                       When we opened it, it was full of bells, just like those in the story  


                                           We were so excited about our presents.....
After all the thrilled we draw what we would asked if Santa chose us. 

The next day we sequenced the story on the board and retold it.
I was so amazed and proud of the kids completing my sentences and helping me tell the story.....

 Here is their individual worksheet where they had to sequence the story and retold it orally with me... I was absolutely thrilled to see how amazingly well they completed my sentences. 

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