Here are some of the activities we do in class related to sounds recognition and reading.

1. buzz game
Using the sound cards, we place them in a basket. In some of them we draw a bee in the back.  We gather children in a circle, one by one they take a card from the basket, and they hold it up and say the sound. If they get a BUZZ card, everyone gets up, buzzes around like a bee and sit down. As children play they build letter recognition, listening and oral language skills.

As the kids collect sounds we ask them to try to create words with the sounds they have and they do it amazingly well.

2. The snap Game
We write certain sounds on the board and as we do the action the kids have to snap the appropriate sound we can then ask them to say a word  containing that sound.

A set of paper cups stored inside of a Pringles box. On the bottom of each cup there is a reading word. Kids are going to make a tower with the cups, before placing a cup they must read the word appropriately.
It can be performed as a group competitive game: Kids in two groups. They must create a tower of six cups each.

To practice their understanding of what they are readingwe play these games where we have to match words to pictures

4. complete words on the smartboard

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