We are still adapting to school and we started working on centers. These are some of the things we have been doing:

we have been learning to play domino

we had to unscrambled magnetic letters to find one of our classmates names and write it down:

 kiddos love this game where they have to match classmates pictures to their names:

 We started using boards during our morning routines. Kids loooove using them to write words and do different activities.
 we have been building with wooden blocks most of the kids worked individually or in pairs but one group decided to cooperate to build "a town's road"
 we love making puzzles:

and sequencing our little people:

 we have been working on number one:


Hi everyone:
Summer time has passed so fast!!!. I came back to Pamplona on Sunday and I had three days to get the class ready for the kiddos.

They came today taller and smarter and very relaxed.

Take a look at our classroom (there are still things to get done but pretty much everything was ready)
kids tables for centers work, circus and dressing up box with mirror .
writing materials and blocks center.
pete the cat and math and arts centers.
next to the door we have the kids cubbies, and right in front of it the railroad for lining up.
kids tables and on the right you can see the library and the literacy center and right behind it we have the home center.
Home center with kitchen and babies (we still need to improve it)

my desk routines board and computer center.
My desk.

this is the front of the classroom, with the routines boards (unfinished) and circle time area.


Routine boards have been added the past week

a closer look to our morning routines

We check who is in class and who is at home

feelings and date and weather charts

our daily schedule. As my spanish co-teacher and I share our two classrooms we use our names to check who will be with the kids at each hour.
 coats racks

 dressing up center.

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