Using the nature treasures the kids brought to school they were invited to create a portrait of somebody they knew or a selfportrait; we got lots of siblings "drawn" this week.

We wanted to invite the kids to do some art using the colors of autumn and the shape we are working on (the circle) and looking through Ms Myers blog we found this lovely idea.

1st We watched the video of the book "the dot" to inspire them.

then we gave them paper roll tubes, corks and cotton buds, and green, yellow, orange, brown and red paint. This is the process and the result.

Our hallway exhibition for all the school to see:


In our walks on the playground we started to realize the changes in the trees, kids noticed the falling leaves and their different colors so we went on a leaf hunt and we also asked the families to bring autumn things they could find in their nature walks.

Here are the kids showing their autumn treasures and our autumn table where we can explore and discover shapes, colors, sizes, textures...... by ourselves.


So apart from loving Pete the Cat we have also been getting used to center work. Our first step is to be able to have some kids work with the teacher while the rest are working in different classroom
we colored Pete and put gomets on his path.


We explored circles

Our new favorite game is the pompom sorting: At first kids just explored the
game, the only rule was "get the pompoms using the tweezers not your hands"
This is a brilliant game to help them get ready for pencil grip and strengthen their hands

then we sorted pompoms by color


We finally met Pete the Cat and the kids simply love him and his story and song.

We started by discovering the story "I love my white shoes" and two days later Pete the Cat appeared in class to stay with us.

Paul and Maria found Pete ( he was hiding on the shelf) and we kissed and hugged him.
We are excited he is part of our class.

We also like putting shoes on Pete's feet

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