2 months ago, we received this parcel in our class. Inside we found a teddy bear that came from London to visit Zizur and go to the kids homes to spend some time with them.
 Barnaby's first day we completed this simple activity.
Every two days kids took barnaby as his bag home. They spent two days  together and took pictures with him. They did such an incredible job. i am really proud of how much all the families have collaborated in this project.
Have a look:

Today was our last day with Barnaby (he has to come back to london) So the kids brought their favorite teddies to do different activities and have a fantastic day.

We measured them by bears or other animals and  clothes and no clothes

then we ordered them from small to big

 Then the kids completed a very simple activity about our teddies.

these are us with all our teddies. Tomorrow is graduation day and friday is our last day of school with the kids.
I'm going to miss these kiddos soooooooo much.

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