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So apparently spring has finally come.. or so it seems. So it was about time to start talking about plants, flowers, seeds and bugs.

We started creating a spring bulletin board. we just looove painting.

there aren't more pics of the process as lots of kindergarteners hands and paint were involved lol.

this is the result:

we will be adding little bugs as we work on them.

With Asun in the spanish classes we planted seeds and we work in English on sequencing  how flowers grow and on relating numbers to quantity:

One of our centers works was relating words to sounds and they did an amazing job:

This great activities come from this fantastic TPT product.

We have also been making paths on the smart board. We have such great fine motor skills ;)

In other news, our school is part of the fruit and vegetables program, and we are given fruit and vegetables to give our kiddos at snack time. At the beginning we were a bit exceptical about how well they would eat the fruit. But as everyone was eating the samewe must say that the results are being great.

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lola said...

Your blog is adorable! Thanks for finding me, so I could find you! You have great ideas and activities. :)
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