Our first proper excursion (involving a bus ride) will be next week to visit River Arga in Barañain. So we though that learning about ducks would be a great idea.

While we were talking about our weekend the janitor gave us a package mailed to our class.

We found a rubber duck inside!!! he was inviting us to learn all about animals living at river Arga.

we started by looking at some animal pictures and discussing if they were river or not river animals:

then we color animals living by the river.
We graph our favorite river animals. Take a look at the unbelievable answers most of the kids' favorite one is the mosquito hawk maybe because we can see them all over the school playground.

We sort animals by their qualities:

Kids told us everything they know about ducks:

We watch the video of the story DUCK RABBIT BY Amy Krouse Rosenthal

and we completed a graph to see how many kids thought it was a duck and how many thought it was a rabbit:

when we discovered that it was both a duck and a rabbit we made this adorable craft on one side rabbit on the other duck:

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