Through all these trimestre we have been doing a lot of literacy. specially phonological awareness and alphabet recognition. We are getting pretty good at recognizing beginning sounds and blending.

I am more than proud of these little ones.

Take a look:

One of our independent centers is this word family building words game. We love it and the fact that we have words related to pictures help us get meaning of what we are doing.


we are getting pretty good at blending with the help of stretchy the word snake. We are not adding letters to our work as this activity is mainly oral.
We use three counters, blue beginning sound, yellow middle sound, red ending sound. everytime we read each sound in the word we move the counters to the squares.

Another version of the game is using THIS AMAZING PRACTICE PACK BY TEACHER BITS AND BOBS. Each kid says the word in his mat and then blends it sound by sound.

SHAKE THE WORD is a fantastic game to practice blending, recognizing beginning, middle and ending sounds and do some writing with cvc words.
Kids throw the dice and then read the word, we decide if it is a real or nonsense word and then we write it down. some kids are starting to write it without copying which is amazing, others still need to see the letters in order to relate them to the sounds.

FIND MY SOUND. We place different objects in a pot and the kids have to find one beginning or containing the sound we ask for: Here i was asking for the /b/ sound.

Matching beginning sounds:
counting syllables:

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