It has been a month of school so far and we are getting used to routines, schedules, canteen, sharing, trying to be quiet when the teacher or a friend speak..... but we are older now, we are in 5, so this is sure going to be a fantastic year: our last year in kindergarten.

We started school by exploring some of our new games:

THrough the Brown Bear story we practice sentence structure and colors. We want the kids to recognize color words as sight words as we can't decode most of them using phonic clues.

As my students are ESL learners they tend to say the adjectives after the noun just like in spanish so we have been practicing the sentence structure "THERE IS A/AN (COLOR) (ANIMAL)"

One of the students says a sentences and 5 kids have to build it accordingly for the rest of the class to read.

During centers we have also been practicing lowercase print recognition:

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SARA said...

que grandes están carmen!!muy chulo todo lo que sigues haciendo!!Un saludo

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