We started our halloween work this week through pumpkins:

We watched the movie spookley the square pumpking and we loved it.
We did a drawing activity related to the film and i was impressed of what great artist these kiddos are:

we used spookley's shape to review the shapes we learned last year:
We focused on circles and how they have curves and not sides and corners. We discovered that we have to build them with things that bend like strings and plasticine:

we also decided a pumpkin shape we would like to be with this adorable activity by firstgradeblueskies:

We love this game where using linking cubes we measure different monsters size


Sight word coloring: this is the first time we work on an activity with sight words and it went pretty well:

 I saw a brilliant idea of super sentences by teacherbitsandbobs on instagram. I decided to try it in class and it went incredibly well, although the kids don't read all the words yet they know them and are able to see the idea of sentences order through this activity. They choose their sentences and then draw it, this way we can check understanding of what is written.


During the past weeks we have been learning about apples

We watched a great video that explained lots of things about apples and how they grow:

we also made a simple sequencing activity:

We completed a board with the things we knew about apples

If you are working on apples there is no better story than TEN APPLES UP ON TOP and i found and adorable video of the book sang in the style of Jason Mraz. Kids simply LOVE IT:
(click on the book cover to check the song).

We have also done some apple investigation: Each kid brough an apple and we analized its parts and its color. We can write color words with the help of our color spelling charts. Then we did an apple print (our favorite part of the activity)

we also tasted apples to see which apple (green, red or yellow) is our favorite:


Take a look at our classroom: There are still things to be done but it looks pretty neat so far.

line up area: each kid stands on a number circle.

letters center

reading center: a quiet area

kitchen and home center

writing materials table

math center and some constructions

arts and math centers

kids cubbies

jobs chart and door with daily schedule, canteen and bus people.
a closer look at the kids weekly jobs
circle time area: board

closer look at the board: routines chart, fast finishers....

my desk

my information board on my desk

computer center and  behavior chart
names on hooks

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