space adventure

During this term we will be working on the Space, Astronauts and Planets. Kids are excited and learning millions of things.

My spanish cotutor and I decided to split the project in two main themes: Planets and Astronauts. Kids will be investigating Planets in Spanish and discovering things about astronauts in English.

We started by saying things we knew about the space, things we wanted to know about astronauts and drawing astronauts and the universe. At the end of the project we will draw the universe and the astronauts again to see how the things we have learn help us improve our drawings adding more detail to them.  

look at some of our drawings: pretty accurate right? 

Things we want to know about astronauts:
Kids brough books, toys, drawings and information about the space to create our project table:

We watched lots of videos to learn about how the astronauts live in the International Space Station and about their Spacesuits. 

 We created a Space Station in class in the dramatic play area, kids are loving playing there:

We have been making rockets out of plastic bottles and spacial drawings In the art center

BUILDING THE SPACE in the blocks center: Here kids build rockets, the train that takes the rockets to the launching area, the ISS....

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