One of the main motivations behind this project, was to confront the kids to their preconceived ideas about princesses and princes, about boys and girls. Through many traditional tales and stories kids, specially girls, are introduced to the concepts or women being helpless beings that need to be saved by knights or princes.  At times, these concepts are extrapolated to the perceptions of men and women in general. This does not mean that traditional tales are bad, but we need to analyze them carefully with our kids.

 When we asked the kids about what a prince or a princess is like these were some of the answers:

We read books about different types of princesses...

But our favorite one was  The Paper bag princess
During the book appreciation week we created a Kamishibai and we told the story to kids all over the school from 3 year olds to 5th graders to show them that princesses can also be brave


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