In the math center we have been working mainly on sorting.

We did some activities with the whole class and then we continued exploring at the center:

We gave the kids a tray with cars, markers, bottons and animals and we asked them to take the ones that were the same.

Their first option was obviously putting together cars, markers, buttons and animals.

We asked them if they could see something similar in a car a marker and a button, some of them realized they were the same color. So we sorted things by color.

and... what about the animals? they realized that some animals lived in the farm and others were wild.

We moved on to analizing shapes, when doing this the first similarity they saw was color, the common shapes here were more confusing for them.

then they started noticing the shapes and later on the sizes.


At the math center, kids worked with buttons, they decided to sort them by color and then i asked them to find the big and small ones:

the kids also explored the numicon shapes and they discover lots of things...

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