This is our third week back at school and we are loving every bit of it.
We discovered our new class, toys and games, we are ready to explore, learn, discovered and play.

Take a look at our classroom:

this is our circle time area: with the morning routines.

                                                               The blocks center.

literacy center and materials from the art center 

Library and peace area. 

symbolic play center. 

Math center and writing materials 

The class schedule, were we can see who is coming to class each session. 

 Kids hooks
 My desk 

Table numbers and kids names for snack time. 

These are the things we have been doing during the first days of school:

In the letters center we have these cool letters to build words: so far we are building our classmates names and ours.

 symetric dominoes
 vehicle manipulatives to sort.
 topology: were we copy the pictures to work on our spacial knowledge.
and puzzles are some of our favorite math  center games. 

Home center: walking the dog and working hard 

Blocks center with the fantastic kapla pieces,

Outside play with stilts, parachute and "musical stilts"

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