In Navarre there is a strong tradition of giants, big heads, kilikis and zaldikos. Every town and lots of neighbourhoods have their own giants and kilikis. The most famous giants are the ones from Pamplona, kids love them, they are even more important to them than Santa or the three wise men they even relinquish their pacifier to their favorite Giant once they decide they no longer need it.
All the culture surronding them is simply marvelous. They can be seen in the streets in "fiestas", They are carried by a person alone,

We started the project by talking about the things they knew about giants and then we went to Pamplona to visit them where they live.
 Here we are listening to Pablo telling us all about the giants
 they are enourmous and we were able to be right in front of them

these two pictures represent kilikis and zaldikos, they entertain and lovingly “terrorize” the children, chasing them and “wacking” them (gently) with their weapon, a foam rubber attached to a rope on a stick.
These are the bigheads, they just walk and wave their hand to the kids.

Back to school, in the letters corner we played with the characters' names and pictures:

As we learned to describe our favourite giants in english we did a shared writing activity:

IN THE MATH CENTER we made puzzles, and we learned how to decompose numbers using the giants.


 In this games, we had to share 4 sticks between Josephamunda and Josemiguelerico always in a different way.

IN THE ART CENTER we drew the giants using the rubber toys and pictures as models. We examined every detail and even help one another. 

 IN THE BLOCKS CENTER we played with the giants kids brought from home. We had never seen so many toy giants together, it was great linning them up to dance and exploring areas with them.

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