This past weeks have been crazy in class: We started our Japan Project and last thursday I got sick so I had to stay of class till Monday and when I arrived on Monday my co-teacher was sick too and she still is....

Well lets focus in our project. 

We started by showing pictures of Japanese things and then we compare SPAIN and JAPAN. ( I need to get pictures of this and update this post). Using the globe we analyzed how far Japan was from Spain and how could we go there. We realized that the best way would be by plane. 

     After, kids colored both countries on the Map. 


We analyzed both flags and described them in English. We also learned that Japan is Shaped like a seahorse.

Following the idea in this webpage we analyzed different interpretations of the Japanese flag to end up doing some by ourselves. Look at these three great ideas:
He decided to draw using only red color. We can see a volcano, a yo-yo and a ball. I think this drawing is simply brilliant

Here Alvaro drew a volcano and fireballs. Everything red.

Here, Dante drew a growing flower, he followed the pattern in one of the pictures we saw in class.

We learned that japanese people greet by bowing. THey bow when saying "hello" "good-bye" "thank you" " you are welcome" and "excuse me".  

Men boy with their hands at their sides while women do it with their hands together. Look at us:


In pairs the kids tried a simple dialogue, bowing were necessary. 
- HELLO                             -KONNICHIWA
- HELLO                             -KONICHIWA
-HOW ARE YOU?             - OGENKI DESU KA? 
- GOOD-BYE                     - SAYONARA
-GOOD-BYE                      -SAYONARA 

Then we did this simple activity where kids circled and color how japanese people bow. 

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