We kept working with snowmen by singing the funny little snowman chant: 

Sure you know it: 

"A funny little snowman, has a carrot nose
along comes a rabbit.
and What do you suppose?
That hungry little rabbit
looking for its lunch
eats the snowman's carrot nose

In order to say the chant we use a big snowman and a rabbit. The kids made their own snowmen and rabbits to say the chant along with me. It went really good they all repeated after me and even some of them were able to say the whole thing on their own, I am so proud of them.... 


On the board we started saying the things we need to make a snowman. Snowballs that are circles, a carrot nose that's a triangle, five squares for the eyes and buttons and a rectagle as a hat. 

then we draw the sun and our snowman melted..... after this kids make a snowman life cycle sequencing. 

                   A SNOWMAN SOUP
We talked about all the things we need to make a snowman: snowballs, hat, carrot, twigs, mittens, scarf buttons......

Then the kids created their own snowmen and then drew the sun and a melted snowman. 

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