So finally we started working with THE LORAX. We were beyond excited, most of the kids had watched the movie and now they are learning about the original lorax story.

We started watching the clip and then we read the story:

 When we finished telling the story we analyzed it and we described the Lorax using the poem in the book:

 They were very interested in how the once-ler would look like so we completed this activity using our imagination. They were still a bit mad because they don't understand why Seuss decided not to show this character.

Through a poster we analyzed cause and effect in the story and we then completed this activity:
 And today we decided to show the end of the story, were the kid with our help would replant the forest and all the animals and the lorax would come back. It ended up really well, they even wrote simple sentences describing what had changed compared to the town with no Truffula trees.

NExt week we will keep working on preserving nature and we will start working on recycling ideas.

Tomorrow it's going to be a hard day because we are hosting a solidarity fair at school were we intend to reach money for school in kenya( lots of hard work). We have been working on all these concepts these days too so i will tell you how it went.

Wish us luck....

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