so after 3 weeks of proper holidays.... it is time to do a bit of reading in preparation for next course in september... i will keep enjoying my summer anyways but my mornings will be a bit focus on these books and a lot of articles i've been intending to read for a long time

1. THIS BOOK IS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT whatever you may need about routines is there, everything you can think of

I am reading a lot related to class centers and trying to find the best way to adapt them to my future 3 years old class and this two books are an amazing help

I've also bought  "if you give a mouse a cookie..." and "pete the cat" for the first day of class because my three year old students are coming to school and listen to their teacher speak in english so i want to find a good, engaging and easy to understand book to catch their attention because it is going to be a really hard day even though i will have a spanish teacher with my in class during the first days of school.

do you have any suggestions???

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