So this was the last week of our adaptation to school period which means that next week there will not be two teacher all the time in class and i am guessing we will have more than one toilet problem...
Next week afternoon classes start so it may be a bit difficult for them to adapt to  full school timing from 9 to 16,30 which means canteen and transportation will be part of our everyday.
Although some of the kids have already started eating at the canteen and coming to school by bus and they have been amazing

So far i am more than happy to be with the little ones. They are getting used to school, us and the rules and rutines pretty well. We have a lot of work to do on their autonomy but that's what 3 years old is all about, right?

This is part of our work on class rules:

When we get to the classroom we take our coats off and hang them in the coat racks and then we place our snack bags on the rack under the board.

Then we hear the song "make a circle" we get ready and sit at the assembly.
we take a look at the behavior bulletin board and revise the circle time rules.

We also know that we have to sit criss cross and put up our hand to speak.

We also try to line up as quietly as possible when we leave the room.

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