Day by day we are imrpoving the look of our class:

the hooks where we hang our coats and where our change clothes are in case we have little "accidents"
mirror and drinking cups next to the board,

my closet, the class info board, papers and a picture dictionary

my closet, the class library puzzles box and class materials boxes

kids mailboxes

board, with some of the class routines, days of the week caterpillar, how are you board, home and school chart and weather bear.
under the board we hang our snack bags

circus and kitchen center


where are we? chart at the door.

contructions, cars and tools, centers

computer center 

the class book where we write down what we have been doing in both english and spanish

pick me jars to choose kids randomly for a game

rules board with the circle time rules, good listeners chart and our traffic lights behavior management board. You can also see my pointers

our traffic lights behavior management board.
We have the kids pictures in the green face and if they follow all the rules and behave properly they win a stamp at the end of the school day

how are you today clart and birthday train

birthday gifts for the kids

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