These past weeks we have been pretty busy talking about our families and houses.

We made these lovely houses with our families:

and we completed our family books from Jessica Sibucao fabulous bundle:

from her bundle are also these math centers where kids have to complete the sequences:

we are getting pretty good at our building words center:

my 4 year olds are getting incredibly well at segmenting words orally, most of them are able to say cvc words or ccvc words sound by sound which makes me amazingly proud of this little learners. we have been doing the segmenting by rollercoasting the sounds, jumping hoops, sorting cups and cutting letters to build words.

 1. rollercoasting sounds:
I love heidi songs idea of teaching medial sounds so we use it in all of our segmenting activities.

The girl chose one word from the board and "rollercoastered" it. she was saying  /mmmm/   / ouuuuu/  /sssssss/

2. segmenting with hoops:
we wanted to add more movement to our learning so the best way was adding hoops.

in the firt picture I said a word and each kid made one of the sounds ie. CAT /C/ in the blue hoop, /A/ in the yellow, and /T/ in the red one.
after working with three kids at a time it works great to me moving on to only one kid jumping the three sounds.
here the boy chose a word and was jumping his sounds / F/  / I/  /SH/
As you can see there are no letters in our work so far. AS we are working on phonological awareness we don't need to use letters. But as they were very interested in this activities we turned this learning into a literacy writing paper:

We had some pictures with elkoning boxes below we have to figure out the beginning, middle and ending sounds, right after we cut out the letter sounds and paste them to later on color beginning sound blue, middle sound yellow and ending sound red.

we have also been playing with cups changing the beginning sound to build different words.

The following weeks we will start working more on ending sounds. Let's see how it goes.

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