jungle week 2: SNAKES

This week of learning and discoverying has been incredible. I'm sooo proud of these little ones:

We started by talking about snakes and discussing what they can do, what they have and how they are. Our students use of the language has increased a lot because they felt very comfortable with the structures.

after doing this in the big poster we completed a worksheet by glueing pictures. (no letters allowed hehe)

we learned about curves through snakes bodies and symmetries:

 we used our crafts to decorate the class jungle.

                                     we love coloring jungles at the computers room:

our main and most important work this week had to do with literacy:
we did "the aligator chomp" syllable sort activity by Deanna  Jump:

we also play a game where we had to take a jungle animal beginning with a specific sound from a cauldron.

we did two writing activities for the first time and the results were incredible:

The first one was a shared writing activity were we completed blanks on a text about snakes. The helper was doing it on a big paper on the board while the rest were doing it on their own papers and i was helping writing the sounds and words on the board.


We wanted them to discover the practice of free writing, because they think they can't write until they know how. The intention of this activity, as the intention of any free writing activity, is for the kids to write whatever they want about snakes, in this case, and everything they do is correct because we are, first of all practicing and second of all because we are evaluating fluency not efficiency, and of course free writing can happen wherever you feel confortable ( on the floor, at the table... )

We were expecting lines and circles, or letters with no relation and maybe some words.
This is what we got:
our english as a second language kids writing:

Next week is monkeys' week, carnival on friday and home for a week for our carnival holidays!!

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