As we are working in a bilingual class, many different people come to our class and sometimes the students get a bit lost,  they also want to know when Jorge (the motorskills teacher) is coming or when we are going to the library, or who is coming to class next.

Last year I had a simple schedule in the class showing when it was time for routines, story time, experiment, centers etc. but this year the thing got a bit more complicated and it ended up in this:

On the left side of the closet you can see the teacher or teachers that will be in class in each session as well as when it's time for the playground, snacks and toilets and also when the kids go home or to the canteen. The right side is used to place special activities such as computers, library, motorskills, experiment, centers etc.  And the little green circle shows where we are at the moment. We started using it yesterday and it works brilliantly.

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