We started our water learning in english by performing a sink or float experiment. 

We talked about what scientists do: They observe, they make a hypothesis, they test their hypothesis and they record their observations.

We used our science journals to record our science learning while guessing and observing if scissors, glue, rubbers pencils and crayons sink or float.

The spanish teacher started explaining the water cycle and the human intervention on it through water treatment plants and deposits, which made it way easier for me to explain the concepts in a foreign language.  I used this adorable chart by The first grade parade 

In order to help my students understand the water cycle again we represented it by being water in the ocean( kids sit down on the floor) that evaporates when it's hot (kids stand up slowly), condensates when it gets cold (we turn into a cloud and then make a big cloud by hugging each other) and then precititates.

We also watched the magic school bus wet all over episode to get a better understanding of the water cycle. 

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