Hello there!
We have been working a lot these days with the Mitten Story.
It is a great story to practice speaking with the kids as they love retelling the story and it can be simplified easily. 

1st we READ THE STORY and they enjoyed it very much.
Then we completed a story graph just as in THE FIRST GRADE PARADEAmazing work!!

They understood the idea pretty well so I am really happy with the activity.

We learned the names of the animal, used an animal book to find information about them and we described them. Then we placed them in our Mitten Bulletin board.

We retold the story using a foam mitten with cardboard animals and we also created our own mittens to retell the stories on  our own. 

We roleplayed the story becoming the animals and getting inside of a big blanket. The audience helped me retell the story and the animals said a simple line: "What a lovely mitten, i will get in"

We graphed our favorite mitten animals, Hedgehog was the winner probably because sonic is an hedgehog... and my kiddos are amazed by sonic.

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