PHONICS IN 5 years C


During the whole school year we will introduce the different phonic sounds, we can do it either in order or depending on what we are learning. This year I chose to do it in order, because this way we go from easy to more difficult sounds.

We will use two posters in class: one containing the names of the kids and another one with the sounds we are going to learn (the most difficult ones are circled).

1st. In order to introduce each sound, we show the picture related to the sound, its gesture and the song in the “jolly phonics cd” to then see if the kids in class have that sound in their names. In that class or later classes kids will say all the words they can remember in English, containing that sound.

                             The jolly phonics songs can be found on the internet:

                                                        jolly phonics vowels : 


jolly phonics all songs: 

jolly phonics digraphs:



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